• Training for educational leaders
• Data studies and analysis
• Psychometry
• Test development
• Program development, implementation and evaluation
• School and curriculum development
• Orientation and coaching
• Training for professionals and educational organizations.

• Diversity, culture, art and science;
• Methods: differentiated instruction; experiential learning (project-based learning, problem-solving and inquiry; service-learning; STEAM; and constructionist approaches.

• Museums
• Schools
• Universities
• Work places
• Informal settings (summer camps, after-school programs, events, parks, etc).

Gamboa Discovery School Workshops

San Pedro Nolasco Workshops


If you are interested in teaching in an inspiring and effective way, or revitalizing the way you already teach, this course will give you the necessary tools to do so. Virtually none of us has had the joy of experiencing these pedagogies as students. Therefore, having a chance to experience them, as well as learning how to design and execute them will be an eye-opening adventure leading you to radically new ways of teaching and learning. 

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