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Mgtr. Nyasha Warren

Certified STEAM educator and consultant, she holds a Master’s Degree in Arts in Education from Harvard University and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Health Sciences from New York University, and was originally trained in biology at Oberlin College. She is currently an external academic advisor for the PISTA program geared to gifted and talented youth. She has been a consultant and evaluator for educational programs for youth at SENACYT, a consultant for Vitalitas, and a manager and consultant for the Voices from Our America project. She focuses on differentiated instruction, collaborative teaching, technology integration and visual thinking strategies.

Mgtr. Lidia Mestre

University professor, Licentiate in Ecology and Conservation and master’s degree in Education. Courses in Planning and Design of Exhibitions and Interpreting, Museology Program of the University of Costa Rica, Interoceanic Museum and the Latin American Institute of Museums (ILAM), Certification as Interpreter Guide and Course in Planning Interpretative for museums and visitor center by the National Association for Interpretation (NAI). She worked for 21 years at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute where she managed the public and educational programs of the Punta Culebra Natural Center in Amador, developed educational materials and did public studies. In 2016 she was a proponent and organizer of the 1st. Panamanian Congress of Education and Museums.

Mgtr. Adriana Sautú

A biologist trained in Argentina and at the Master’s level at the University of Kentucky, is inclined towards education after a research period in her career. As a creative writer, she founded her own puppet company, collaborates with the Panamanian Ministry of Education and Health and UNICEF in a series of educational and preventive projects through storybooks and plays and supports the development of exhibitions and educational activities at the Center of Marine Exhibits of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. She then assembled and directed the educational program of the Museum of Biodiversity, where he coordinated the first congress of museums in the region and founded the group of Passionate Teachers. As a specialist in science education he dedicated more than a decade to such work at the Smithsonian Institute, and the BioMuseum.

Dr. Nadia De León

She is a published and recognized educational leader. She is a National Researcher, member of the National Research System, currently affiliated at INDICASAT and Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua. She served as Director of Service-Learning and instructor at the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity and Stanford University. She has largely focused on experiential learning, intangible cultural heritage, diversity and intercultural competence, and the overlap of higher education and community development. In Panama, she has taught at Universidad de Panamá and Quality Leadership University, and she collaborates tirelessly with schools, universities, non-profit organizations and government agencies, to support and improve education.

Mgtr. Diana Zárate

Anthropologist specialized in archeology. She served as coordinator of the educational program of the archaeological site, community project, and indexed scientific journal of the Panama Viejo Board. He holds a degree in anthropology from the Universidad de los Andes and a master’s degree in Cultural Heritage Management from the University of Valencia and the University of Panama. She has vast experience in the design and management of research projects, as well as education in museums, and as an educational and cultural consultant at a national and international level.

Mgtr. Sara Camara

Magister and Junior consultant for Praxia Educational Consultants, she has worked as a teacher in alternative education schools and as a teacher consultant and coach in the development and execution of Project Based Learning (PBL).

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